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Love Is Alive
Words and Music by Kent Robbins

Love ain't a candle
It doesn't burn for one night
And need the dark to shine
Love is alive

And love ain't just a word
In every dictionary
With no where defined
Love is a man and he's mine


Love is alive
And at our breakfast table
Everyday of the week
Love is alive
And it grows everyday and night
Even in our sleep
Love is alive
And it's made a happy woman out of me
Oh, love is alive
And here by me

Love ain't just a mood
A distant far away dream
That needs the night to rise
Love is alive
And love ain't just a song
Sweet words of music
To go dancin' by
Love is a man and he's mine

(Repeat Chorus)

Love is alive, here by me

(Repeat and fade)

Why Not Me
Words and Music by Harlan Howard Sonny Throckmorton and
Brent Maher

You've been lookin' for love all around the world
Baby, don't you know this country girl's still free?
Why not me?
Well, you've finally come down to your old hometown
Your Kentucky girl's been waiting patiently
Why not me?


Why not me on a rainy day?
Why not me to love your cares away?
Why not me?
Why not me when the nights get cold?
Why not me when you're growin' old?
Why not me?

You've been searchin' from here to Singapore
Ain't it time that you notice the girl next door, baby
Why not me?
You had to see if the world was round
It's time that you learned how good settlin' down could be
Why not me?

(Repeat Chorus)

You've been lookin' for love all around the world
Baby, don't you know this country girl's still free?

(Repeat and Fade)

Baby, why not me?

John Deere Tractor
Words and Music by Lawrence Hammond

Dear Mama, well, here's a letter from your girl
Well, I think my city days are done, Mom
And it ain't been three weeks since I came

And Mama, do remember what you said
Say your prayers before you go to bed, child
And remember city boys ain't the same


I'm like a John Deere Tractor
In a half acre field
Tryin' to plow a furrow
Where the soil is mighty still
How I wish I was home, Mom
Where the blue grass is growin'
And the sweet country boys don't complain

And, Mama, so much perfume I thought I'd drown
And the Lord didn't seem to be nowhere around
Hey, I felt just like a flower from the vine

(Repeat Chorus)

How I'd like to be home, Mom
Where the blue grass is growin'
And the fire light shimmers and it shines

(Repeat Chorus)

This Country's Rockin'
Words and Music by Naomi Judd, Keith Sykes
and Robert Johnson

It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor
If you're old or young
Everybody, every now and then
Has got to have some fun
So turn up the music
Turn up the juice
Put me in the spotlight
And turn me loose
You better hold on tight
This country's gonna rock tonight


This country's rockin'
To the beat of a brand new drum
Back in Kentucky where I come from
They love to hear that old guitar strum
This country's rockin'
Jump back and let the bad boys play
Everywhere across the USA
This country's rockin' all the way

You might ride a horse, drive a Porsche
Or cruise in limousines
Eat caviar with champagne
Or cornbread with your pinto beans
But there's one thing
In which we all agree
We love our country music
Like the Queen loves tea
What a lovely sight
We're gonna rock tonight

(Repeat Chorus)

Turn It Loose
Words and Music by Don Schlitz, Craig Brickhardt
and Brent Maher

Some call it country with a little bit of rhythm and blues
And when the boys start rockin'
There's a beat that you just can't lose
Where it's gonna take us nobody knows
It sure feels good to the body and soul


I love the slide of a steel guitar
I love the moan of an old blues harp
I love the shake of a tamborine
I love the bass when it's low and mean
So put on your shoutin' shoes
And turn it loose
Turn it loose

You feel like dancin' and you just can't stay in your seat
Your knees start knockin' and you can't help stompin' your feet
Before you even know it you'll be singin' along
Makes me wanna stay here all night long

(Repeat Chorus)

Turn it loose
Everybody put on your shoutin' shoes and turn it loose
Grab your shoutin' shoes and turn it loose

Old Pictures
Words and Music by K.T. Oslin and Jerry Gillespie

Here's a little girl playin' dress up
Somewhere under all that lace
Standin' in her mama's high heeled shoes
With a lipstick covered face
And here's a little boy on a pony
He's a cowboy all the way
He used to pull my hair and make me mad
At the Saturday matinee
Who would've thought that I'd lose my heart
To the same little boy someday


Lookin' through my old pictures
Faded photographs
Some of them bring me close to tears
Others make me laugh
Old memories seem to come alive
And open up the past again
And let me dream inside

Here's brother with his first automobile
Thought he'd washed the paint away
He took a job that took him West
He's doing very well
We don't see much of brother these days
And this is my favorite of my papa
He's dressed up in his Sunday suit
A wide brimmed hat, a watch on a chain
Well, I'm gonna tell you the truth
It's a picture of a downright handsome man
Caught in the prime of his youth

(Repeat Chorus)

They open up the past again and let me dream inside

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