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Dream Chaser
Words and Music by Jeff H. Bullock and Brent Maher

I'm gonna pack my bags and drive all night
I'll be in the mountains by morning light
Drive the road I traveled years ago
As a young girl leaving home

With dreams as big as the trees were tall
I knew I'd have nothing or I'd have it all
And you all know what happens when the bright lights call
You're either gonna make or you're gonna fall
Make it or you're gonna fall


I'm a dream chaser, a star gazer that's what I am
But I've always known I'd come back home when I found my rainbows end
Rainmakers and heartbreakers could never change my plans
Dream chaser, that's what I am

I'm goin' home where the stars shine bright in a mountain sky
That path above I've followed all of my life
It's guiding me back to where my dreams began
Then I'll be gone again
I'll be gone again

(Repeat Chorus)

Dream chaser, that's what I am

Maybe Your Baby's Got the Blues
Words and Music by Troy Seals and Graham Lyle

If you hear her cry at night
Better turn on your light
Maybe your baby's got the blues
When she says there's nothing wrong
She just wants to be alone
You can bet your baby's got the blues


Women like men to make the first move
And touch her like he used to
When there's achin' in her heart
Only tenderness can find
Women like men to make them feel alive
And keep her apron strings untied
Yes women like men
To love them through the blues sometime

When her days all run the same
And she says she thinks she needs a change
Maybe your baby's got the blues
If she says she's just a wife
And so far from the glamorous life
You can bet your baby's got the blues

(Repeat Chorus)

Yes, women like men to love them through the blues sometimes

I'm Falling In Love Tonight
Words and Music by Craig Bickhardt Don Potter and
Brent Maher

Dance with me, darlin', til' dawn
I wanna sway in your arms
'Til the stars fade away
Fade away

Moving together as one
'Til the first gentle rays of the sun
Light up the day
Light the day


And while the music still plays
Please let me hear you keep saying,
"Over and over I'm falling,
Falling in love with you!"
Say there's no way I could lose you
Hold me tight
I'm falling in love tonight

Touch me and tell me it's true
That I'm not asleep and that you
Are not just a dream
Just a dream

Here with your heart pressed to mine
We flow like the river that winds
Its way to the sea
To the sea


Say there's no way I could lose you
Hold me tight
I'm falling in love tonight
Hold me tight
I'm falling in love tonight

Let Me Tell You About Love
Words and Music by C. Perkins, P. Kennerley and B. Maher

Well, ever since the day that time began
There's been this thing 'tween a woman and a man
Well, I don't know but I do believe
It started in the garden with Adam and Eve

Sampson and Delilah had their fling
'Til she cut his hair and clipped his wing
It don't matter how the story's told
Love stays young, it can't grow old


Let me tell you about love
About the moon and stars above
It's what we've all been dreamin' of
Let me tell you about love

Well, Bonaparte and Josephine
I believe they had a pretty good scene
Until she said, "Bony boy, we're through!"
That's when he met his Waterloo

Julie baby and Romeo
Fell in love and stole the show
I know they are history
But there ain't been nothin' like you and me

(Repeat Chorus)

Now Sheba she was a beauty queen
The purtiest thing that you ever have seen
Soloman he was a mighty wise
'Til Sheba she done caught his eye

The world would be in a dreadful fix
If it wasn't for the love between the cats and chicks
This world wouldn't amount to much
Without a hug and a kiss and a tender touch

(Repeat Chorus)

Let me tell you about love
Let me tell you about love

The Sweetest Gift
Words and Music by J.B. Coats

One day a mother
Come to a prison
To see an 'erring
But precious son
She told the warden
How much she loved him
It did not matter
What he had done

She did not bring to him
(Bring to him)
Parole or pardon
(Pardon free)
She brought no silver
(Brought no gold)
No pomp nor style
(Him to see)
It was a halo
(Halo bright)
Sent down from heaven
(Heaven's light)
The sweetest gift
(A mother's smile)

Her boy had wandered
Far from the far side
Though she had pleaded
With him each night
But not a word did
She ever utter
That told her heartaches
Her smile was bright

(Repeat Chorus)

She left a smile
You can remember
She's gone to heaven
From heartache's free
Them bars around you
Will never change her
He was her baby
An error will be

(Repeat Chorus)

It was a halo bright
Sent down from heaven's light
The sweetest gift
A mother's smile

Turn It Lose
Words and Music by Don Schlitz, Craig Brickhardt and Brent Maher

Some call it country with a little bit of rhythm and blues
And when the boys start rockin' there's a beat that you just can't lose
Where it's gonna take us nobody knows
It sure feels good to the body and soul


I love the slide of a steel guitar
I love the moan of an old blues harp
I love the shake of a tamborine
I love the bass when it's low and mean
So put on your shoutin' shoes
And turn it loose
Turn it loose

You feel like dancin' and you just can't stay in your seat
Your knees start knockin' and you can't help stompin' your feet
Before you even know it you'll be singin' along
Makes me wanna stay hear all night long

(Repeat Chorus)

Turn it loose
Everybody put on your shoutin' shoes and turn it loose
Grab your shoutin' shoes and turn it loose

One Man Woman
Words and Music by: Paul Kennerley


I'm a one man woman
I want a one woman man
I've got two arms to hold him
To love him all I can
Now it's a free world we live in
It's this I understand
But I'm a one man woman
I want a one woman man

I don't need nobody
Handing me those lines
Saying I can keep my freedom
In these modern times
I want a ring on my finger
For all the world to see
And when I get home from working
He'll be waiting here for me


I don't want nobody
Pulling me around
Loving me then leaving
For someone else downtown
If he ain't true and steady
Then he ain't in my plans
Cause I'm a one man woman
I want a one woman man


Cause I'm a one man woman
I want a one woman man

Water Of Love
Words and Music by M. Knopfler

High and dry in the long hot day
Lost and lonely in every way
Got the flats all around me, sky up above
Yes, I need a little water of love

I've been too long lonely and my heart feels pain
Cryin' out for some soothing rain
I believe I've taken enough
Yes, I need a little water of love


Water of love, deep in the ground
But there ain't no water here to be found
Someday, baby, when the river runs free
It'll carry that water of love to me

Once I had a man I could call my own
Once I had a man, now my man is gone
Once there was a river, now there's a stone
You know it's evil when you're living alone

(Repeat Chorus)

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